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Firmware and Salt Portal Version Log

Figure 1. Artist’s rendition of future QiQuac iterations

We’ll be posting updates here.

QQ Firmware

Version 0.1.10 (June 2019)

-Added the following to the SDIQ Context menu (menu during a measurement)

  • Adj Y-Axis: Allows user to adjust the Max and Min y-axis values by rotating the dial.  Fast by 10 uS/cm and slow for 1 uS/cm.  Hold (>1sec) to go back.  This can be handy to:
    • fix the axis if a low anomaly occurred.
    • zoom in on the background noise or to see if the ECT has reach BG, or is sloping.

Version 0.1.9 (May 2019)

-Added station_list.txt file to root directory.  This is a text file the QQ reads and offers as a list to the user before a measurement.  The station name is prepended to the csv files for easier identification later.  Edit and sort the station_list.txt in a text editor and then save to the QQ.  I also moved the .raw files to a /raw directory.

-Added the following to the SDIQ Context menu (menu during a measurement)

  • Enter Stage: This is saved to the SDIQ Summary file, but not used elsewhere currently.  Ideally there is a RC view associated with each Station downloaded and synced with Salt Portal
  • Restart SDIQ: This is useful if the button was pushed too soon (while the probe was in the QuickFlask for example) OR you want to do consecutive measurements without restarting.  This is handy when processing multiple measurements in the Salt Portal

Version 0.1.8 (Dec 2018)

-Added ability to change log interval of both T-HRECS using a single menu item (Setup>SDIQ Settings>Change Log Interval)


-Built in Grading of A, B, C with user definable thresholds.

-Summary file within the date directory, one line for each completed measurement.

-Adjust Pre-BG ECT during a measurement. This is important to reduce Uncertainty and improve the measurement in the field.

-Adjust Mass during a measurement.

-Added BG0 to page.  This is the Pre-BG ECT only.  Helps user decide if measurement is finished.

-Added “Push Button to Skip” SD Card info screen.

Salt Portal

(Jan 2019)

-Removed mass warning

-Added Uncertainty Summary below Discharge Summary

-Fixed table formatting

-Fixed problem with Elapsed Time wrapping if measurement exceeded 24 hours.

-Added “Average Timestep” to Diagnostics summary.

(Dec 2018)

-Added %Mass error field

-Added manual BGECT entry fields, copy Pre and Post BG EC.T

-Fixed Download CF.T file

-Fixed Copy LS Values so the fields in the RCC Editor now update.  Removed the LS Equation from the legend, which wasn’t updating, and put the LS equation in the top left of the RC plot

-Changed number of Zero time step count from 20 to number of non-zero > 40. So this means you must have greater than 40 entries in your QQ file.

(Oct-Nov 2018)

-Added Sloping BG ECT checkbox.  If checked, the Breakthrough Curve Uncertainty will be reduced.

-Updated Summary table with Mass on Station Detail Page.

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