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Water Matters

Water is our most vital resource. From irrigation to hydro power to domestic consumption, the more we can understand and quantify this resource, on every scale, the better we can manage and protect it to ensure fair and sustainable use for all stakeholders. At Fathom, we have a deep understanding of measurement principles and what can undermine a hydrometric program’s accuracy. We saw a need in the environmental monitoring sector for quality tools to better measure water availability and reduce the associated uncertainties. That’s why we started Fathom, where we are charting new waters.

At Fathom, we focus on novel solutions to age-old questions using cutting edge technology coupled with original research.  Browse our Soundings posts for pre-publication works on which we invite your comments.  The Products Shop features products and services we currently offer for sale and hire.  Contact us for current pricing and arrangements.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Check out our recent Sounding on the epic Blue Mountain hydrometry Q-competition or read about the Lethbridge event in the CWRA Water News.

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