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Rollergate Injection Site

AutoSalt Installations

I’ve been meaning to put together a photo gallery of installations.  So here it is (if the stand looks off-kilter, it’s just the photographer and not the stand):

Winchie Creek near Tofino, B.C. Canada (2019)

Winchie Creek Injection site looking downstream


Dan Valliquette Crooning Softly by Firelight

Winchie Creek Powerhouse. This is a compliance monitoring site where the salt is injected into the tailrace, but the total flow is measured downstream of the confluence with the mainstem.

Lowhee Creek near Barkerville, B.C. Canada

Injection site looking upstream

Downstream EC.T Measurement sites on LB and RB.

Horizons Regional Council installation at Kumeti Teruhunga, New Zealand (2018)

Installation of Injection Tank at Kumeti Teruhunga

Kumeti Teruhunga DS site showing the LB and RB SDI-12 T-HRECS EC.T probes. These are connected to Campbell Scientific telemetry.

NIWA Rollergate Station, New Zealand (2018)

Rollergate Injection site. The 500 L tank and plumbing was sourced locally. The AutoSalt pressure transducer is housed in the existing stilling well.  All telemetry is via satellite UniData NRT

Rollergate Injection Site

WSC Nordic Creek near Golden B.C. Canada (2018)

Aerial view of Nordic Creek AutoSalt installation

Nordic Creek Injection site

University of Saskatchewan Peyto Glacier, near Canmore, AB, Canada (2018)

Eric Courtin and I at Peyto Glacier injections site.


Peyto Glacier injection site looking downstream

Culliton Creek Injection Station, near Squamish B.C. Canada (2016)

Culliton Creek Injection Station

Wedge Creek near Whistler, B.C. Canada (2016)

Wedge Creek injection site looking upstream

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