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Fathomland will be built around its characters. Like the gears of a clock, the events of the world will be animated by its folk.

Crybaby: This little run(off)-away took the path of least resistance into the big dark ocean and has fallen back to earth a little bit wiser and a whole lot dirtier.  Help Crybaby get cleaned up so he’s presentable to his water-mama.

QiQuac: Our Dear Friend from Fathomland, a plucky adventurer whos default mode is “Up For It”.

Kronometer: While we ponder why time has no arrow, time is ticking away.  When the moon is dark, your time is up.  Spend time in Nature to put time back on your, and our collective, clock.

Fathom Tokens: Appearing to have form, this currency can easily slip away into the currents of the sea.  Time is the key that unlocks all doors.


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