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Figure 1. In Fathomland, good ideas can grow legs.

This is the seed of an idea.  All over the world, Humanity is spending less time in Nature.  Some call it Nature Deficit Disorder, it manifests itself in fatigue, lack of focus, loss of motivation, crime, apathy, disease and word puns.  Our common ancestors grew up in the forests, it’s coded into our DNA, our bio-cycles, our dreams and our collective sub-conscious.  But how can we Find Time for nature in our hyper efficient schedules, built in hives of activity around our digital lives, played out in Boxes we stare at while they stare back at us.

We need to reduce our speed, to spend money time, on our relationship with Nature.  Rather than prescribing drugs, let’s subscribe to the vibe nature’s sending our way.  In Fathomland, we’ve tried to capture this story in your hands.  The game is designed to encourage you to spend more time in nature, with nature, near water, touching, listening, and feeling the land; a digital aid to shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing. Our connection to technology is not going away, but we can shape it be shaped by it.  We can be creators of stories, not consumers of the fiction that we are independent of nature.

If you believe there is something in this, if you would like this seedling to grow, try our game.  Listen to the wind, see the water, find the seeds, hear Nei-Chure’s lost song played out on the blades of grass, the gossamer spider webs, the thunder of the storm surge, and engage in our collective story of Time Spent in Nature.  Let’s put time back on our clock.  Help us find Nature’s Lost Song in Book 1 of Fathomland.

Check out the Artwerk, be brainwashed by our propaganda, or be seduced by the gameplay.


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