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Time is not on your side.

Since the beginning, Sapiens have fought against time.  The coming winter, the failing light of day, old age.  The old god Kronos, knew that time must be fleeting for it to be appreciated.  While Time gives animation to all things, it also takes it away.  And at an alarming rate, we Sapiens are taking away our time and many others as well.  It’s time to give it back.  It’s time for Fathomland.

Fathomland is a place-based, augmented reality puzzle adventure game.  It is designed to encourage players to spend time in nature, and connect with the land, the water, flora and fauna.  Built on a story that resonates through many cultures, the player journeys through an augmented landscape in parks and trails in their own neighbourhoods.  We use a GIS engine to determine gamespaces and story elements in a cohesive yet infinitely unique game experience tailored to the players location.

Fathomland will be written in “Books” with individual “Chapters” containing “Tasks, Rewards, and Conflicts”  The first Book is Fathomland: Nei-Chure’s Lost Song”  The player is encouraged to spend time in nature by placing game elements in maintained parks with water features.  You, the player, are guided through fathomland with the help of a friendly duck, named QiQuac, who has intimate knowledge of the future where Sapiens are no longer the dominant species.  Nei-Chure has regained control and in a world dominated by the struggle to survive, pecking orders, and the white hot iron of evolution, our Anatidaen companion has chosen to brave the wrath of Nei-Chure’s father, Kronos, to assist you as the representative of the Sapiens to improve your relationship with his daughter, which has grown toxic.

But this journey will not be easy.  Kronos is not your friend, and has extracted your worst traits, the Vices, to impede your progress.  Battle Ignorance, Sloth, Greed, Anger, fear, Gluttony, and Apathy, to name a few, in order to conquer your dark side and find the notes of Nei-Chure’s lost song.

Collect Fathom Tokens along the way and exchange these for real-life merchandise, t-shirts, toys, posters, as well as valuable discounts at partner merchants.  Or choose to donate your Fathom Tokens to conservation groups.




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