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Fathom T-Shirt + Corporate Propaganda

$ 42.00

5.0 (1 review)


You’ve seen Michi and Florentin wearing theirs in the T-Shirt Parade.  You’ve been dazzled by the shine off Aidan and Laura’s teeth while sporting theirs:

You’ve heard about Nick wearing his around Courtenay, and sometimes in Comox.  Paul hasn’t taken his off since he got it.

But sadly you don’t have one!  Now that is sad.  Up until today, you had to buy an expensive AutoSalt or QiQuac to be part of the klub.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!?  Now you can be part of the Kool Kid’s Klub just by clicking “Add to Cart” and… then.. you know.. actually checking out..  and paying.  In a few short weeks, you’ll be the newest member of the Fathom T-Shirt Parade!  Maybe even living the high life like Paul here.  You can’t see all his friends around him, but he’s surrounded by hipsters, socialites, and members of parliament, because of his t-shirt.

Today Only!  Because Nick said “$42 for a t-shirt? That’s a rip-off.” The brilliant minds working behind the scenes in the “Fathom Customer Satisfaction and Indoctrination” (FCSI) department made the clever suggestion to also provide a Fathomland Map Poster with every t-shirt.  These will be made from “Driving Map” paper quality, and folded in a similarly confounding manner.  To quote the head of FSCI “Give them something that they think is a gift, but it’s really corporate propaganda.  That should appease them.  You see, customers are like sheep…” and he went on from there.  I stopped listening at that point.

This is the Map you’ll get:

Are you on the Fathomland Map? Why not?

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 14 × 2 cm



YesPlease, UniSex, FairerSex


Navy Heather+White, Black + Teal

1 review for Fathom T-Shirt + Corporate Propaganda

  1. Paul G

    There are T shirts and there are Fathom Scientific T shirts. Was lucky enough to acquire one of these exclusive pieces a couple of years back. Not only do you look the dogs b’s in it but it is very well made indeed, feels good to touch and will have heads turning at every science fayre and beach hang out. Seriously it is a very well made piece of clothing and comfy too.

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