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QiQuac Highlander Edition Upgrade

$ 4,200.00

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Figure 5. New Fathom Watertight (even more so!) T-HRECS (same difficult to write name you’ve grown to love) Radio unit with RSSI (Signal Strength indicator and “Let your Finger Linger” capacitive touch injection signal.

You’ve heard about it at the Nordic Hydrometry Workshop.  You’ve wondered why it hasn’t already been done.  You’ve considered doing it yourself, but your mind boggles at the complexity.  Well, come down off that bridge young man, that’s not safe!  We have a solution!

The QiQuac Highlander Edition is the Cadillac (albeit a 1974 Cadillac Eldorado) of the popular QiQuac Base kit.  Additional to the Base kit, you get:

  1. 3rd Up/Stream (U/S) or Down/Stream (D/S) probe with “a Let your finger linger to signal injection” touch button,
  2. Yagi directional antenna for increased range,
  3. 2nd pipettor,
  4. 2nd hard case (black),
  5. T-Ekho Radio Repeater for extended range.
  6. Access to WIT-HM Pro Beta,
  7. Free! Fathom Hoodie,
  8. Free! More Space,
  9. Free! Fathom Poster,

The Salt Portal and Field Portal have both been upgraded to work with the 3rd U/S Sensor now.  The concept works best in Urban streams or Agricultural settings where U/S ECT inflows can vary drastically, and consequently the D/S BGECT.  MacKay Creek in North Vancouver is a good example of this.

We did not have complete mixing at this site either and have also employed a 3rd D/S probe for incomplete mixing averaging.  Read more about our work at MacKay creek here.  The QQ will soon handle both a 3rd U/S probe and a 3rd D/S probe.

Here’s another example at Wagg Creek showing three traces of the same flow.

10g, 43g, and 275g injected sequentially.

See the QiQuac M5 Highlander Manual-v05-2021 for all functionality.


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