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QiQuac Refurbishment

$ 800.00

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QM4.0 (left) and QM5.59 (right).

Figure 1. This is what a new kit looks like. Yours may or may not look like this after refurbishment.

All things age.  Despite what the math says, time does have an arrow and we always seem to be on the business end of it. Until we invent a time machine (we’re working on it) we are left repairing, refurbishing, upgrading, cleaning, and adding stickers.  Thankfully we don’t mind doing it.  If you have an older QiQuac, or T-HRECS, within or out of its warranty period, consider the QQ Refurbishment Service.  We are celebrating 5 years of business this December, 2020, and so some of the older ducks are out of Warranty, but we do appreciate the patience you’ve shown and are happy to refurbish older units at cost, or replace them with refurbished units.

The proposed QQ refurbishment fee is $800CAD + shipping, or $120CAD + shipping for a T-HRECS.  If your unit is still in warranty, don’t worry, no charge applies.  If your unit is out of warranty but think this fee is “way over a line” let us know that as well, we’ll likely just refurbish it at no charge.  As our motto goes “If you don’t pay us for it, we’ll just do it for free.”  Happy customers and quality working equipment is far more important to us than a measly $800CAD.

Included in the refurbishment:

  1. Updating all firmware.  You can do this for the QQ, but not currently for the T-HRECS.  Firmware log is here.
  2. Updating XBee radios.  New radios use micropython to show signal strength, send T-HRECS ID, and handle CRC so no more clipped transmissions.  Most importantly the new radios are compatible with the new QiQuac Mobile App.
  3. Calibration of T-HRECS
  4. Repair Damaged T-HRECS Cables
  5. New Aluminum Shrouds
  6. 500ml of 5.00g/l standard solution
  7. Repair or replace damaged auxiliary equipment (scale, pipettor, USB cables).

If this seems like a good deal to you, let (trust me, it is) let us know.  You could add it to your cart with some Fathom Weights or a Fathom Colouring Book. Or just contact us for more information.  Consider upgrading your kit with the QiQuac Highlander add on kit.


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