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QiQuac™ Kit

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Device for Measuring Flow in Turbulent Waterways

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Quickly graph realtime conductivity data, calculate discharge and estimate uncertainty.

The Quick Instream Q(flow) & Uncertainty Analysis Calculator (QiQuac™) is a serial datalogger designed for Salt Dilution flow measurements.  The user interface assists the hydrographer by presenting a graphical representation of the conductivity over time, calculating flow (Q), and estimating the associated uncertainty.  This ability to employ Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) to field measurements helps to reduce costs associated with field work.  This can expedite the permitting process, ensure compliance, and reduce risk associated with natural resource development.

Read about how we calculate the CF.T and estimate the uncertainty for a SDIQ within QiQuac.  Or read about how easy it is to measure the flow with QiQuac or download the latest version of the SDIQ Excel Workbook.  Have a look at a video showing the QiQuac in action.  The YouTube version features auto-translate subtitles into other languages, while the Vimeo version can be downloaded to a mobile device for reference. Watch the latest QiQuac go tete-a-tete with the bucket, or volumetric method.  Or dive into the highly entertaining and provocative QiQuac Manual.

The QiQuac comes in a handsome and durable DuckBox which can double as a chair.

QiQuac Features


The QiQuac is rated IP67 Waterproof

• Logs Serial EC, T, and EC.T data to internal SD Card from the T-HRECS sensors.
• Calculates Q (Flow) in real time.
• Calculates Uncertainty in the field for QA/QC and Grades measurement with A, B, or C based on user preferences.
• Graphically displays pulse as it travels past probe.
• Waterproof, handsome, and durable.
• >12 hours of internal rechargeable battery life, or indefinite external battery service.
• Compatible with Fathom Scientific Salt Portal to manage and post-process all your field measurements.

QiQuac Technical Documentation

NEW! QiQuac Highlander Edition

  • Features a 3rd U/S probe and Yagi antenna to monitor BGECT during a measurement.  Well suited to urban and agricultural runoff streams with active BG ECT signals.  Check out the new Highlander Edition Manual which feature’s QiQuac’s plucky cousin Hamish in all kinds of salt-related misadventures.

QiQuac Applications

• Works anywhere there is turbulent cross-channel or in-pipe mixing.


T-HRECS™ Conductivity Instrument with High Resolution (4 SigFigs and 0.01% stability ) to reduce Q uncertainty and/or reduce required salt injection.
• DuckBox™ SD kit with Scales, QuickFlask™ CF.T. Calibration Equipment, and vented IP67 hard case.


“Over the past year I have come to depend on the QiQuac for all my field trip visits.  It’s accuracy, durability and compact design make it my number one tool when working on the river.  Since my introduction to the QiQuac I have performed over 150 flow measurements, I rely on the quick and convenient results which allow me to leave the field with confidence in my data collected.  It has become my silver bullet in the hunt for accurate spot flows measurements!”­

— Dan Valliquette, Hydrographer

The QiQuac Kit contains DuckBox, QuickFlask, Radio T-HRECS, Serial T-HRECS, QiQuac, NaCl Standard, 1000 μl Auto-Pipettor, 5000 g Scale, 200.00 g scale, charging cables and instructions.

We also rent the QiQuac Base Kit: $200/day, $600/week, $2000/month.  Rental fees can be applied to the purchase price.  Contact us for details.

The QiQuac Base Kit comes with everything needed to achieve a Grade A Salt Dilution Instream Q (SDIQ).

Additional information

Weight 6.6 kg
Dimensions 38 × 31 × 17 cm
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QiQuac Basic, QiQuac Highlander


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