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Enter Fathomland: Augmented Reality (FAR) and see a world beyond this humdrum collage of sound and fury, see into the world of Fathomland, where nature comes alive.  Water creatures who need your help, Earth Golem’s to set free, and with the help of the plucky QiQuac, your fowl friend and guide from the future, help repair the Sapien relationship with Nei-Chure… before it’s too late.

An Un-Fathomable Journey Begins with You

Since the beginning, Sapiens have fought against time. The coming winter, the failing light of day, old age. The old god, Kronos, knew that time must be fleeting for it to be appreciated.  We have forgotten this.  We have been asleep on our watch.  The hour is getting late; Kronos waits at the gate.  If we want to see the dawn crack, we must give time back.  It’s time for Fathomland.

The player is encouraged to spend time in nature by placing game elements in maintained parks with water features.  You, the player, are guided through Fathomland with the help of a friendly duck, named QiQuac, who has intimate knowledge of the future.  In that future, Sapiens are no longer the dominant species; Nei-Chure has regained control and implemented a regime of struggle, survival, and pecking orders, with the white hot iron of evolution as its governor.  Our Anatidaen companion has chosen to brave the wrath of Nei-Chure’s father, Kronos, to assist you to become the sole representative of the our species and heal the toxic relationship with his daughter.

But your journey will not be easy.  Kronos is not your friend, and has extracted your worst traits, the Vices, to impede your progress.  Battle Ignorance, Self-doubt, Addiction, Anger, Fear, Gluttony, and Apathy, to name a few nasties, in order to overcome your Dark Side and find the notes of Nei-Chure’s Lost Song.

Meet the Characters


Our Dear Friend from Fathomland, a plucky ducky adventurer who’s default mode is “Up For It”. He is the player’s guide through his adventures in Fathomland. He’s helpful, though sometimes needs a coin or two.

Cry Baby

This little run(off)-away took the path of least resistance into the big dark ocean and has fallen back to earth a little bit wiser and a whole lot dirtier. Help Crybaby get cleaned up so he’s presentable to his water-mama.

Water Mama

She is one of Nei-Chure’s elemental creatures. Her son, Crybaby, has Run(off)-away and she needs your help to find him and make him clean again. In return, she’ll give you the Fathometer, a tool to help plumb the further mysteries of Fathomland. (2D Sketch Placeholder in Prototype)


Another of Nei-Chure’s elemental creatures, the Golem “Berm” is made of earth brought to life by Kronos. The Sapiens tricked him into holding up the bridge “until the ends of time”. But with the player’s help he can cleverly be freed from his heavy burden of holding up the Bridge by finding the “Ends of Time”. He is a fabulous dancer.

Landmarks & Puzzles


While we ponder why time has no arrow, time is ticking away. Kronos created this clever time-keeping device. When its moon goes dark, your time is up. Spend time in Nature to put time back on your, and our collective, clock.

The Bridge

The Earth Golem was tricked by the Sapiens into holding up this very heavy but very important Bridge for all eternity – unless the player can help him find “the Ends of Time” and acquire suitable supports to hold up the Bridge instead.

Chapter Map Banner

Planted at the beginning of every Chapter, these banners give some clues to the player about the story that will unfold.

Tools & Inventory

QiQuac QuacPac

Not just a handsome accessory for your back, this handy QuacPac contains everything our plucky hero needs to perform Water Quality Assessments, Transmit Signals back to <Somewhere Significant>, and give the ol’ aura a little tuneup. With patented “QuacSpace Matter Compression” technology, it’s the last luggage you’ll ever need (and all that that implies).

The Goggles

Enables one to ‘see’ Fathomlanders. Used by our ducky friend QiQuac, he may be willing to part with them on a rental basis for a FathomToken. If you ask nicely.

The Key

To unlock the Chronometer

The Key to unlocking Time, this can be earned by the player in solving one of Fathomland’s puzzles. In turn, this Key can be used to solve another puzzle which will ultimately help one of Fathomland’s biggest, danciest, characters.

Fathom Token

Appearing to have form, this currency can easily slip away into the currents of the sea. Hidden throughout Fathomland by Kronos, these may be earned by the player by solving puzzles, talking with Fathomlanders or exploring. The player can use these to exchange for things they need in their travels.


Silly Sapiens have carelessly scattered garbage around Fathomland. Their thoughtful collection will prove helpful to Fathomland and its inhabitants. And the player may just receive something in return!


Constructed by Trash the player collects, the Scissors can be used to clean up Crybaby, giving him a nice short haircut. When he’s tidy and presentable just like he wants, he can runoff back to see his mother Watermama.

The Fathometer

A golden tool to plumb the mysteries of Fathomland. An essential part of the player’s toolkit, bestowed by the Watermama as a gift for helping Crybaby return to her.


Fathomland is a place-based, augmented reality puzzle adventure game. It is designed to encourage players to spend time in nature, and connect with the land, the water, flora and fauna. Built on a story that resonates through many cultures, the player journeys through an augmented landscape in parks and trails in their own neighbourhoods. We use a GIS engine to determine gamespaces and story elements in a cohesive yet infinitely unique game experience tailored to the player’s location.

Collect Fathom Tokens along the way and exchange these for real-life merchandise, t-shirts, toys, posters, as well as valuable discounts at partner merchants. Or choose to donate your Fathom Tokens to conservation groups.

Fathomland Pitch Video

In-Game User Experience


This is the seed of an idea.  All over the world, Humanity is spending less time in Nature.  Some call it Nature Deficit Disorder, it manifests itself in fatigue, lack of focus, loss of motivation, crime, apathy, disease and word puns.  Our common ancestors grew up in the forests, it’s coded into our DNA, our bio-cycles, our dreams and our collective sub-conscious.  But how can we Find Time for nature in our hyper-efficient schedules, built in hives of activity around our digital lives, played out in Boxes we stare at while they stare back at us.

We need to reduce our speed, to spend time, on our relationship with Nature.  Rather than prescribe anti-depressants, let’s subscribe to the vibe of effervescence!  In Fathomland, we’ve tried to capture this story in your hand.  The game is designed to leverage our fixation with tech, to gain more tic-tock time in nature, with nature, near water, touching, listening, and feeling the land; a digital aid to shinrin-yoku man.  Forest bathing with our clothes on and our minds wide.  Let’s turn the tide.  Our connection to technology is not going away, but we can shape it, we can harness it, master it.  We can be creators of stories, not consumers of the fiction that we are independent of nature, lost to time, end of the line, let’s grab the rope all pull together! Fathomland!


Fathomland Sketchbook (by Noah Carson)
Fathomland Renders (by Noah Carson)
Kronos and his Minions (by Noah Carson)

Enter the Fathomland House of Illusion!


I really like it. I like that you can interact with the game, that you are the player, and that it challenges you go outside and play.

Jason Campbell, Professional XR Developer


Fathomland: Neichure’s Lost Song

Fathomland will be written in “Books” with individual “Chapters” containing “Tasks, Rewards, and Conflicts”. The first Book is Fathomland: Nei-Chure’s Lost Song. This game is under development, so let us know via the button below if you’d like to subscribe and be kept up-to-date on all things Fathomland. Maybe you can become one of Fathomland’s pioneers…

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