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The WIT is a new online hydrometric management tool currently under development.  It’s purpose is:

  1. offer a low-cost alternative to commercial hydrometric management software,
  2. quickly and accurate delineate watersheds based on standard streamlines,
  3. generate regional hydrological statistics (hydro-stats) such as Mean Annual Discharge (MAD), Mean Annual unit-Runoff (MAR), Mean Monthly Discharge (MMD), 7 day low flows (7Q2 and 7Q10), and others to be developed,
  4. where available, produce annual and mean monthly estimates of both Net (considering return flows) and Gross (maximum licensed) water license allocation data with Points of Diversion (PoD) mapped and links to up-to-date water license information.

It is designed to allow rapid post-processing of Salt Dilution measurements, specifically from the QiQuac kit or the AutoQAc system, but will work with any SD measurement. QA/QC processes help the professional assign a Data Grade (A, B, or C) based on local standards.

Rating Curve development is done in an interactive fashion using the Maximum Likelihood Hydraulically Based RC algorithm which takes into account measurement uncertainty as well as channel characteristics.

Regional regression methods between hydrometric stations will allow both QA/QC of the hydrometric series, as well as hind-casting of short term records to longer term synthetic series in an intuitive, rigorous, and accurate manner, with uncertainty estimates.

We hope to automatically generate editable reports of hydrometric and hydrological analysis, with regional estimates for comparison.  Integration of HydroRecon analysis in future iterations will allow users to quickly assess hydropower potential with economic analysis.

The tool currently provides editable catchment boundaries for the province of British Columbia utilizing the BC Freshwater Atlas streamlines (not extending outside the BC border) and detailed Water License information and Hydro-stats for the South Coast region.  Contact us to discuss developing WIT for your state, province, or country.

It is currently in Beta development and we are looking for testers.  Please contact us if you are interested.  If you are already a user, the login page is here.

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